Your production shouldn't be a hassle

We believe that completing a stunning video or photo project starts with dedicated and industry informed management.  You don't choose the actual mechanic that fixes your car, you choose a great shop that hires great mechanics. We see no reason why this reasoning shouldn't be applied to your creative projects.

Joseph Brinson
Founder & Executive Production Manager

Turning vision into reality

Ideas and shot lists are nothing if you have the wrong equipment on-site.  Ensuring that each production manager is putting together the right package technically, allows the customer vision to shine through. Zach is NYC based and has a rich history of creating stunning visuals across mediums. 

Zachary Spira-Bauer
Co-Founder,  Technical Lead: DP's & Photographers

Industry experience creates client success

Understanding complex client needs and wishes from beginning to end allows for the perfectly suited team no matter what the production throws your way

Joshua Belsky 
Industry Advisor / Executive Producer

Production challenges are best solved with a smile and tech know-how 

Jeff Bush has more than 25 years experience in video production, most notably serving as Director of Photography with The Wall Street Journal in New York, where he was their go-to lead for live events, domestic, and international location projects. Jeff is Texas based, NYC trained and travel ready.  

Jeff Bush 
Lead Production Manager, Texas